Transformation Thursday

Today I wanted to feature a little project that I did {with a little special surprise help from Sweetums} that took waaaaaaaay longer than it ever should have.  The time length had nothing to do with the difficulty of this project, rather the fact that we ran into a couple hiccups, and just being busy with everyday life.  What should have been a day project took, I think, 3 weeks.

I’m a little ashamed. Ha.

So here’s our transformation…
beforeafterThis lamp was a member of my husband’s college house/bachelor pad for a couple years before we got married, and honestly probably came from Salvation Army or some thrift shop. But hey, it worked great! It was just a little….drab.

Enter Transformation Time…

I got the idea to crackle spray paint it and then mod-podge the shades with book pages.  My mom had some leftover crackle paint that she so kindly brought to us to use.  Unfortunately, this is where some of our glitches popped up.  I took the lamp out and gave it a nice base coat, let it dry, then went out to spray the crackle coat…only to realize there was not near enough left to ‘crackle’.2013-04-13 14.16.45

So I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to get new paint, but had lost motivation between busy schedules and rainy/windy days {obviously not conducive to spray painting}.  Then one day, I came home from school to a lovely surprise…Sweetums had repainted the lamp.  It was crackled and ready for me to mod-podge!

So I got busy–
2013-05-18 14.16.56I dug through our closet and found an old Lit. book and pulled out pages to Gulliver’s Travels.  I tore the pages, mixed up some mod-podge using glue and water, and in about 5 minutes or so, my lamp shades were transformed and looking great.2013-05-18 14.12.192013-05-18 14.35.05Same lamp. Cheap project. I’m Loving the new look!
2013-05-22 12.15.23


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