A Week in Review

Despite the fact that school is out for the summer, last week was busy busy busy.  Tommy was busy with work now that the shop is open, and his shift is at the busiest time of day.  He’s been loving every minute of it though, and I appreciate the extra excuse to go and hang out at Starbucks, 🙂

I was up at the school almost every day meeting with teachers and hitting the ground running for next school year.  While most teachers are glad it’s finally summer and want to take a break from even thinking about next year, that’s about all that’s on my mind right now. My excitement is increasing as I meet more of the teachers I’ll be working with.  I’m signed up for some different workshops throughout this summer and busy studying Common Core, Lesson Plans, and brainstorming how I want to decorate my room.

The first day I went up to the school I ended up running into an old friend whom I knew from Highest Praise, a choir tour out of Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO.  This choir tour was something I did the summers after my freshman and sophomore years…in HIGH SCHOOL. We were both so shocked and pleasantly surprised!2013-06-01 19.53.16 So it’s been like 9 years ago, and wouldn’t you know, I’m now colleagues with one of the girls I met there.  How crazy awesome is our God to reunite us in this way.  Such a blessing to know another familiar face in this town.

We got a lot of rain toward the end of the week. So Saturday after Tommy got home from work we ate and sat down for a That 70’s Show marathon {thank you Netflix!}.  I ended up falling asleep.  Apparently the week had completely warn. me. out.  Later that evening though, we broke out the games and enjoyed a quiet evening together.2013-06-01 18.58.492013-06-01 19.33.17We have a Sunday tradition to have dinner with Tommy’s sister and brother-in-law, so I made this Blueberry Cobbler for our dessert yesterday.  It was pretty stinkin’ delicious topped with fresh whipped cream!

Each weekend we I sit down and plan our meals for the upcoming week.  Here are a couple new recipes we’re going to try out!
Italian Tuna Salad {EatLiveRun}
Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos
…And of course we’ll be trying out a new pizza on Friday!  It’s a unique one and I can’t wait to try it out/share it with you all!!

As of now, I think this week might be a little more low-key for me, but next week I’ll be attending my first workshop so I think I’ll enjoy the little ‘break’ while I can, 🙂
What do you have going on this week? Any projects? Summer vacations?


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