you win some & you lose some… {poison ivy}

Yesterday I was motivated to do some yard work.  Because we live under and in-between a bunch of trees {which I’m slowly getting used to}, we often have leaves and pollen pods piling up on the ground, deck, and outdoor furniture. Our garden needed weeded, and some extra grass in an ‘under-tree-flower-bed’ was needing removed.  So I pulled out the rake and got to work.

I weeded, raked, swept our deck, re-potted some plants, hauled off the piles of leaves, and spent a significant amount of time pulling out the grass around the tree.  My main reason in removing the grass was so that some ivy that was also there could take over and provide a nice ground cover.  Well, all this work to find out my ‘ivy’ was none other than POISON IVY!!

I’m still wondering how in the world I overlooked this little fact.  But it wasn’t until my sister-in-law came over for supper last night and I was bragging about my hard work and showing it off to her that she brought the mistake to my attention.  We even went over to the neighbors ivy garden and stole a  leaf to compare. {shhh..don’t tell! They’ll never know-they have plenty to spare, 😉 }

Ooooh Deary!

Thankfully I had showered off well after working outside, so hopefully I can manage to avoid any itchy results.  But if not, it’ll just be joining the club of the poison ivy I already have from our family camping trip.

Let me tell ya’ll something… Poison Ivy is annoying and itchy to begin with, but when you get it behind your ears..and on your face..then it’s just stupid.  Plain. Ole. Stupid!

Anyway…on a brighter note: we had a delicious supper last night of meatloaf, roasted brussel sprouts, and sweet corn on the cob.  All of which we got to enjoy on a nice clean deck!  I guess some of my work paid off, 😉

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