This past month has been overwhelming in so many ways. Without God’s constant presence and strength, I’m pretty sure we would not have survived. Mega thanks to all who have lifted us up in prayer and sent encouragement our way. We’re so blessed to have such a large circle of family and friends!

So, here’s an attempt to catch you all up on our life…

We finished out June with a lovely weekend with my brother and sister-in-law, Brock and Emily. They came down for a visit and we did our best to show them a good time. While Tommy was at work, my sweet sis helped me with a classroom project.20130724-080925.jpg20130724-081012.jpgThen Saturday afternoon, we drove up to the mouth of the Spring River and floated down 8 miles. That in itself was an adventure of it’s own, but our evening was topped off with a relaxing dinner and gorgeous view. Patio dinners on a lovely summer evening Can’t. Be. Beat!20130724-081050.jpg20130724-081029.jpgAfter two and a half weeks down in El Dorado, Tommy and I came back home and got back to work for a few days, then took a much needed day trip to Memphis. We enjoyed dinner at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant, Petra Cafe’, then visited the zoo. It was the first time for both of us to visit the Memphis zoo. We both enjoyed the variety, but I have to admit that my husband’s excitement exceeded mine! He may or may not have acted like a kid in the candy store the moment we walked through the gates!20130724-081107.jpg We’re looking forward to revisiting with our Theron, Meagan, and our nephew, Will this weekend!

Tommy’s still enjoying every second in the coffee business, and looks forward to the opportunities to come. I’ve been doing my best to not get overwhelmed with school prep. I’m now in my classroom and making progress getting it set up…a little at a time. {Shout out to my awesome hubs who helped move the heavy furniture, keeps me sane through this stress, and has a lot more helping in the future…I don’t think he realizes what he’s getting himself into;) }

We managed to fit in pizza from Montana in between trips down to Eldo. I promise the recipe will be up shortly…and we plan on trying Nebraska’s in just a few days. Y’all might just get lucky enough to have two pizza recipes in one week. Wooh!20130724-081122.jpgI can hardly believe that July is almost over. But then when I think of all that’s gone on and the fact that we’ve been gone more than home, it all makes sense. I have less than 4 weeks till my classroom is filled with 6th graders. But before that, we have family coming in and a mini vacation to North Carolina. Oh! And let’s not forget about more classroom decorating and more lesson planning than I even want to think of at the moment. Haha.

Enough about us now, how have y’all been?? Has your summer flown by too? Any last vacations coming up??


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