The Evolution of Mrs. Dominguez’s 6th Grade Classroom

Well, we are back from our vacation and feeling refreshed. Minus the giant mound of laundry just staring at me and needing washed. Our little getaway was just what Tommy and I needed:: a little break from Arkansas, work, and life in general.  But as always, we’re glad to be home and sleeping in our own bed again.

I can’t wait to tell you all about our trip and show you pictures, but until I get them all uploaded, I’d like to share some other pictures with you. Pictures to give you a glimpse of how my classroom evolved.  The first day I walked in, it literally reminded me of  storage unit. I had a lot of weeding through things to do, and heavy furniture to move around before I could get to the fun part of decorating.  But I can now say that I am pleased with how it all turned out, and can’t wait to spend the next nine months in it.

Step 1: So much stuff just sitting in the middle of my floor. Some of it was mine, but much of it also belonged to other teachers.  Hence it seeming like a storage unit.  Also, at this point, I still had a couple piles of things still out in the hall waiting to be moved in.image_10image_9image_8image_6image_7image_5Step 2: A huge THANKS to my wonderful husband for helping me move and remove heavy furniture as well as sort through 8 boxes of children’s literature to build my class library.  I spent many days going through boxes that I inherited of lesson plans, worksheets, books, and random supplies.  {I think I filled 2 large trashcans with JUNK!} But it’s finally taking shape, looking like a classroom, and I’m ready to start decorating.


imageimage_3image_5image_2image_1Step 3: My mom came down for a few days to help decorate. I had been working on some projects throughout the summer to use in my class decor, such as my pallet couch for a reading nook.  Also, Pinterest browsing and pins influenced and inspired my decoration ideas.  I chose to go with a specific color pallet rather than a theme for my classroom, as I wanted my classroom to be a fun and inviting environment where my 6th graders can feel slightly grown up, but also fun and comfortable.  I love how it turned out, and consider my classroom 95% complete.  I have posters ordered for the walls, which will make 98% complete once they are in and hung, then I’m factoring in 2 more percent of last minute details after I attend in-service next week.  Call me a dork due to these silly percentages if you wish, I’ll probably agree, 😉


imageimage_7image_4image_2image_1image_3imageI’m excited for my classroom to be filled with 6th graders in just a week and a half.  And I can’t wait to learn from them and with them!
Here’s to a new school year, and a new adventure!


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