Catching a breath…

The past few weeks have been craaaazy in our neck of the woods.  Yet, we’ve certainly been enjoying everything about Fall, and counting down days until Thanksgiving break!2013-11-02 22.37.22

I have been absolutely swamped over the past couple weeks at school. Between planning, grading, observations, paperwork, meetings, and more grading, I just could not seem to keep up.  I’m not going to lie…it got to the point that one night (while my husband went to bed at 8:30, and I was left grading until 11:30), I mixed up a cup of hot cocoa and turned on the Christmas music just to cope.  2013-11-07 20.21.00

However, this week was MUCH more tolerable.  Not only was I able to stay completely caught up on grading, we had some major breakthroughs among a few students. Some extreme progress and effort took place this week as we discussed immigration, learned about teen immigrants, and wrote an essay on immigrants’ experiences here in the US.  My kiddos sure made this teacher proud.  Amidst the immigration discussions in class, my students became very curious about my time in Russia.  They begged me to write their names in Russian.2013-11-12 19.55.04 They are now adding them to their assignments next to the English spellings.  My heart is happy 🙂
I finished my week ahead of schedule on planning and without any grading, resulting in a weekend without schoolwork. Hence my blogging..finally!  If only this could repeat EVERY week!!

So what have I done with my ‘free’ weekend?? Caught up on sleep. Spent some time baking. And enjoyed some quality time with my husband. 🙂 Speaking of baking…it’s been a deep-dish type of weekend around here::
Friday night’s pizza–2013-11-15 16.51.34
and Saturday’s brunch, Cinnamon Crunch Skillet Bread

2013-11-16 09.02.19

I was in much need of redemption in the kitchen after my failed cheese toast earlier this week. Oops!

2013-11-13 20.06.52

I haven’t decided yet if I’m enjoying the time change or not.  It’s definitely easier to get out of bed in the mornings as it gets light so early. However, I’m also wanting to go to bed at 6 every night.  One thing I’m not complaining about is my view on my way home most days, thanks to the early sunset.2013-11-12 19.58.25

Nope, not complaining one. single. bit. 🙂

Speaking of time…where has time gone? Where has this year gone? I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving.  At the same time, I have no problem counting down days until my break. I mean, can you blame me when my break will start by meeting this sweet boy?!?!2013-10-29 18.52.26

I can’t believe he’s already almost a month old! Again, where has time gone?!?!
P.S. All of you trying to speed things up even more by jumping ahead to Christmas already, can we please just sloooow down!? I love Christmas, but I love me some Thanksgiving, too!

Anyway…I’m so thankful for this relaxing weekend. For being able to catch my breath and reflect on the hidden blessing over the past couple of crazy weeks. And most of all, I’m thankful that in one week I’ll be on a week long break, spending some quality time with my family.

What are you thankful for?!

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