Pizza #31: New York

Well friends, we did it. We knocked out another pizza.  I told you we’d try not to keep you waiting so long this time, 😉  I know it could have been sooner, but hey! at least we didn’t wait months again 😉2013-12-10 17.25.59This pizza is representing New York and is so simple and delicious.  It’s actually one of my favorite pizzas: Margherita. Margherita pizza’s have just a few simple toppings, yet burst with flavor. What made this pizza experience even better was getting to share it with our friends, Grant and Amber.  They were in the process of moving across the country, and we just so happened to be ‘along the way’.  We loved getting to catch up with them, play games, and meet their sweet Levi.

2013-12-10 20.08.51Like I said, this pizza is simple, but delicious.  Starting with your basic pizza crust, spread on an even layer of tomato sauce then top with sliced or cubed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil.  Could it get any easier than that?!

2013-12-10 17.30.40Of course, one pizza wasn’t going to be enough, so we whipped up one of Grant’s favorites: Ham and Pineapple. Both pizzas were a hit and made for a wonderful evening with friends.




Homemade Pizza Crust


Tommy’s Sauce



Fresh Mozzarella Cheese


Mix pizza crust. Roll out and place on pizza pan. Spread on sauce, then top with tomatoes and cheese. Add basil after it comes out of the oven, just before serving.

Bake at 450 degrees for 15-20 minutes, or until crust is golden brown. Enjoy!


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