The result of too many snow days… Yes, it’s possible!


{photo credit to my dear friend, Paige Walker, from our wintry woods hike on Monday.}

Well we’ve been back to school for about a month now since Christmas break. However, it feels like we’ve been out more than in. Between snow days and holidays, our weeks have been shortened and our weekends lengthened. As a result of the hectic weeks and inconsistent schedules, I dare say this teacher has learned a few things over the past month…

1.) indoor recess=crazy kids
Due to the cold temps and some rainy days, I think our kids have had maybe 2.5 outdoor recesses since we’ve been back. They do still get a recess in the gym, allowing then to get rid of a bit of their energy. However, a crowded gym and stuffy air is not the same as fresh air and a wide open playground.

2.) people weren’t kidding when they warned us that we’d have a ‘different group of kids’ after break.
Attitudes have been coming out, arguing, a little drama. Now, I probably shouldn’t complain, because I know it could be a lot worse. Let’s just say it adds a little excitement to our days.

3.) despite the recently developing attitudes, my kids still crack me up every day and impress me with their creativity.
We’ve been integrating a little bit of history into our writing over the past few weeks covering the prohibition era and the Great Depression. I had the students do a research project on the prohibition, then they had to create a Breaking News Report and present it to the class. This was a group project and while some chose to pre record their news broadcast, others opted to perform it live. I was both impressed and entertained with the information they provided and their reenactments of suspects and witnesses (most involving Al Capone). Speaking of Al Capone, one of my favorite presentations ended with a ‘commercial break’ where Al Capone was advertising prohibition cappuccinos. They apparently tasted just like Starbucks, and the kids had created quite a catchy jingle to go with it. Yes, those are the days I’m most reminded how much I enjoy my job.

4.) on the contrary, boys will be boys.
Within 5 minutes of dropping my kids off at lunch the other day, what started out as play soon went a little too far. A punch in the stomach, a fist in the face, and two boys in ISS. Needless to say, our class was a little quieter for the rest of the week.

5.) dealing with upset parent is. not. fun.
Need I say more??

6.) I am extremely thankful for principal that support me 100% and are more than willing to help.
Point number 5 is just one instance where this was extremely evident, but I am presented with situations everyday where I am reminded and so thankful for the school God placed me in and the wonderful coworkers I get to team up with.

7.) Snow days are no longer fun when they start cutting into your Spring Break.
Today is our first day at school this week. I believe we are now in school up till June 4 and one day into our Spring Break. However, it does allow me to catch up on my home life…house cleaning, calendar/schedule planning and organizing, budgeting, and meal planning. Oh, and I guess technically I no longer have any excuse for being behind on grading!!

8.) reading my students’ tweets have become daily highlights…ones with ‘typos’ are even more entertaining.
We have a twitter wall in our classroom, and at the beginning of the year I did really well at giving them topics to tweet about a few times a week. Since Christmas, I’ve kind of been slacking, but a couple of my girls have taken over. They get their topics approved by me, but we usually have one to recap what we’ve been learning and another fun/random topic. I love reading their tweets as it gives me an extra little peek in those heads of theirs. I’ve gained some summer reading recommendations and learned that most of my students would choose the super power of flying or telekinesis. However, one would rather the ability to fart rainbows… When asked what they learned about the Great Depression, I had one student post ‘I resulted from the stock market crash’. Ooh my, is that how his parents explained babies were made?!?! Haha, like I said, their ‘typos’ are extra entertaining.

In other news, life in the Dominguez house is fine and dandy. Tommy opens week mornings at 5 resulting in an early-to-bed-early-to-rise lifestyle for both of us. Sometimes I have to remind myself that we’re still young an in our twenties. I also remind myself that I better enjoy the sleep while I can and not take it for granted.
We’ve joined a small group at church which we absolutely love. It’s a mixed age group, but mostly younger couples..or young families. We’re excited about the diversity and what each stage of life has to offer. Our group has a vision to serve both our church and community, and we’re digging into 1 Corinthians. Both Tommy and I look forward to getting to know these young families better, understand His Word on a deeper level, and serve together.
Aaaand last but not least, we’re both looking forwarding to having another precious nephew in June. Thanks Katie and Chris!! πŸ™‚


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