Pizza #32: North Carolina

Can I tell you a secret?? Or maybe a couple? We’ve been making pizza. I know I know, I haven’t been sharing them with you. I promise I’m not trying to be selfish. I want to share them. I do! It just seems like somehow the end of the day comes way too soon and grading has hogged all the time. Darn writing assignments.
Anyway, the time has come, thanks to multiple snow days, that I am currently caught up on grading and had spare time to type some recipes. So over the next few days or couple of weeks or so…I’m finally going to share a few pizza recipes with you all. Yes, I did say a few, as in 3. Eek!! I promise I didn’t hold them from you on purpose. How about we start right now where we left off…North Carolina. Oh, but I do have to first ask you all to forgive the lacking photography skills. Please? Okay, thanks! 🙂

20140205-130945.jpg (Like I said, please forgive poor photography skills. I promise it tastes way better than it looks here.)

North Carolina offered us a flavorful buffalo chicken pizza. If your a wings fan, this pizza will be right up your alley. Their sauce takes it one step higher as they blend vinegar-based barbecue sauce with classic buffalo sauce. In my opinion it was the perfect mix of sweetness, spice, and tanginess.
A thin layer of sauce is spread on a medium-thick crust, then topped with chicken and shredded cheese. We cut up and sautéed our chicken, but you could easily bake and shred it. In hind-sight, we maybe would have sprinkled on a little bit of blue cheese, but at the time, we just used a pizza blend of shredded cheese.
After baking the pizza, we drizzled on a little extra sauce before serving. The flavor was hyped up and ready to burst in our mouths. We were definitely satisfied with the outcome. If I was on top of my game, I would have had this posted for y’all in time for the Super Bowl. I mean, wings and pizza…two popular Super Bowl dishes. Put them together and you have a real winner. Major fail on my part, but don’t let my bad timing keep you from trying this delicious anytime pie.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Homemade pizza crust

Sauce: mix equal parts of vinegar based BBQ sauce and original buffalo sauce
Chicken: sautéed or baked and shredded
Cheese: shredded pizza blend plus a sprinkle of crumbled blue cheese if your taste buds desire

Bake at 450 F for 15-20 minutes, until crust is golden brown and cheese is melted. Drizzle on a little extra sauce before serving.

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