Obviously many things have happened since my last post…4 month ago! Some things small, others much more significant.

1.) my wrist is healed and things are back to normal for the most part. Still a few aches when I overuse it, but I have no complaints. I’m sure many of you are not sad that I stepped out of blogging for a bit sparing you from some graphic video footage of my pin removal. Ha!

2.) we threw a baby shower/framily reunion for Katie before the arrival of sweet Isaac. It’s always a lovely time to be reunited with our sweet college crew. {although we’re still missing over half}

3.) my family started a Memorial Weekend tradition last year of a family vacation. This year we met up at Eureka Springs, AR and retreated in a spacious cabin surrounded by all God’s beauty. It was so relaxing and such a sweet time to spend with family and explore a new place.


4.) we welcomed sweet Isaac Reed to the family {Tommy’s side…finally a nephew near by!}. He decided to join us a little early, but we’ve enjoyed smothering him with kisses and snugging him close since day one.

5.) I survived year one of teaching in the US. It went a little long (June 6) due to the 11 snow days we had during the school year. Our pre-adolescent kids definitely made things extra interesting the last month or so of school with their attitudes, cliques, and drama…but also many sweet memories were made and I can’t say enough how blessed I was to have them as my first class. They helped me love my job, helped make work fun, and helped me grow as a teacher.

6.) and the big news……WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! It was a much quicker process than we thought, but are definitely NOT complaining. We started looking mid-May and after looking at a few different houses and a lot of prayer, we put in an offer and closed on June 17.

20140713-165729-61049943.jpg I know this probably isn’t fair to only give this lousy sneak peak, but I promise many more pics are to come!

7.) so what have I been doing since school ended?? A few workshops here and there, lots of cleaning, painting, moving, unpacking/organizing, weeding, snuggling with baby I, hanging out with friends, games of ultimate frisbee, and trips to the Farmer’s Market.


8.) we had a relaxing, yet enjoyable Independence weekend with friends and a visit from my ‘little’ brother, Lance.

9.) and not to be forgotten…I’m training for a half marathon. Some days I wonder why…but most days I’m enjoying getting back in shape and having a goal to work towards. I have a friend I run with 3 days a week, and try to run another time or two on my own or with another friend. The race is at the end of September, so I keep telling myself if I can push through the heat of July and August, by race day it’ll be a breeze….hopefully πŸ™‚

10.) I can’t believe how quick this summer is flying by, but i do my best to not dwell on it and instead soak up every moment I have-lesson plan/grading-free, with friends, and plenty of time for little projects around the house. I plan to post some before/after pictures of our house/ a little home tour. We’re enjoying being closer to family and friends, having more space to entertain, and making it our own cozy home.

What have you been up to this summer?


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