Catching Up and Being Present

IMG_0076.JPGIt’s been a crazy past couple months here. School is in full swing and I can’t believe the first 9 weeks is already coming to an end. In many ways this year has been much smoother and less time consuming than last year. i.e. planning/grading. In other ways, it’s a tiring year trying to keep up with the kids and their differences. Nonetheless, they’re quickly growing on me and I have no doubt that I’m doing exactly what God has called me to do.
Aside from school/work, our weeks are filled with tutoring, life-group through our church, and Waffle Wednesdays with friends. Weekends have also been packed with friends and family, and mini getaways. Here’s a little recap…
We started September off by babysitting our sweet nephew, Isaac, and taking him to his very first wedding.

IMG_0258.JPGHe made the whole ‘parenthood’ thing seem pretty easy, but I’m sure it’ll be a whole new ball game when it becomes a full time thing for us. {No, we’re not pregnant.} all in all, we loved kicking off the month by celebrating with Luke and Alicia.

The following weekend, my brother and his wife came to visit with their new little bundle. We were so excited to finally get to meet our newest nephew, Oliver.

IMG_0298.JPGWe had a relaxing, yet fun-filled weekend of antiquing, a trip to the farmer’s market, cool crisp evening walks, game playing, and baby holding.

IMG_0288.JPGTime with family always seems to go by way too fast, but we’re always so thankful for any time we get with them!
The third weekend, we had a quick little getaway to the lake with some friends. Despite the warm weather (Fall has taken its sweet time getting to NE Arkansas), we enjoyed the time away, yard games, and a beautiful view.

And to wrap up September, My friend/running partner, Laura, and college teammate, Jessica, ran a half marathon. We trained all summer long, and complained many times about the heat and humidity. However, it was all worth it in the end and we felt quite accomplished.

IMG_0344.JPG The rest of the weekend was mostly spent on the couch, recovering from the run and playing games with Jessica and her boyfriend. This might just be becoming our tradition to have them down for the weekend + the race.
After having something every single weekend of September, I told Tommy that nothing was allowed to be planned for the first weekend of October. I had a to-do list of projects I wanted to conquer as well as relax and spend time with just him. Per my request, the first weekend of October was both
relaxing and productive. Tommy built shelving for our garage, and we got it nice and organized.

IMG_0038.JPG We also conquered our first team canning project: Muscadine Jelly. After a trip to the farmer’s market where we bought a large bag of fresh, local muscadines, we simmered them down for the juice, strained it, and made jelly. We still have enough juice for a couple more batches, but once again we’re waiting for time!

This past weekend we headed down to El Dorado for a huge garage sale and family time. It proved to be another enjoyable weekend! To top it off. Tommy and I stopped in Little Rock on the way home to spend some time with Josh. While there, I found a new favorite drink:

IMG_0070.JPG And we went on a lovely walk

IMG_0073.JPG…I think Autumn finally is making its appearance!!

And now here we are again, sucked back into another week. While it’s easy to get caught up in our busy schedules, become exhausted from a long, packed week, and wish for the weekend so we can have a break, my prayer for this week is that I’d be present in each individual day. Present to meet the needs of my students, my husband, to intentionally spend time with friends and family…but most of all, be present in what Christ is asking me to do, serve where He’s calling me, and intentionally spend time with Him.

James 4:14 “Yet you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”

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