Projects in Progress

Oh hey! I decided to return and get you all up to speed on life in the Dominguez family…and plan to keep checking in to keep you updated. We’ve been busy working on a couple long-term projects. One we are keeping secret a little longer, but will hopefully share more with you all in the next couple months.  The other we are more than happy to shout from the rooftops…or social media….


Baby Dominguez

I’m currently 15 weeks as of today, and our little nugget should arrive early March 2016. Both Thomas and I are more than elated to be venturing into this new season of life together and learn what parenthood is all about. We feel so blessed that God is giving us this opportunity to build our family and are in awe of his perfect timing.

My plan is to do a weekly update as things progress with me and our little one, and our family in general.  For now, I’ll give a brief first-trimester overview.

Weight Gained:

3 pounds


Extremely tired. I basically slept my summer away and then was in for a major, ugly, wake up call when school started back up and I could no longer lay on the couch all day.  I feel very grateful to have had very little nausea. I experienced some in July for a few weeks, but thankfully never got sick.  As long as I ate frequently to keep food in my belly, it kept things pretty much at bay.


I had been running up until I found out I was pregnant (July 1st), then due to the heat and exhaustion I kicked it back a notch and stuck to long morning walks. Since August, I have slowly been picking back up with running and often do 3 miles of walking/jogging 3 times a week, plus sparadic days of very light weights and squats.  Some weeks have been much better than others, but overall I find myself feeling best on days I’m able to fit in some kind of physical activity.

Food Aversions:

BBQ and quesadillas have been completely off limits from early on.  Raw veggies were pretty iffy too.  I don’t think I bought a single raw veg. for about 7 weeks when grocery shopping. However, if we went out to eat, I’d order a salad and inhale that sucker.  If I got a sanwhich from Subway, I’d load it up with all the veggies.  The thought of buying and preparing my own though, was quite appalling.

Food Cravings:

I honestly can’t say I had any major cravings. Nothing that I just HAD to have immediately. However, if asked what I wanted to eat, I’d almost always be in the mood for all the fruits, pizza, or a sub sandwich.


Sleep came easily and often for me, day and night.  I’d often get up at least once at night to go to the bathroom, but could immediately fall right back to sleep.

Looking forward to:

I could not wait for the very first appointment.  Getting to see our little one and hear his/her heart rate was the best thing in the world and such a blessing to know everything was going well.  After the first appointment, we shared our news with our immediate family, and then started counting down days until our next appointment.  Again, hearing that heart rate was such a relief and filled us with reassurance.  Also knowing that my first trimester was coming to and end was a-okay with me. We loved getting to tell most of our family and many friends in person and are now thrilled to spread the word with everyone else.

Overall, we could not be happier about our projects.  We have big changes coming our way that we’ve been dreaming of for years.  Each day we pray that God is glorified in our decisions and that they would be aligned with his plan for us.  We pray our little one would continue to grow strong and healthy and that we’d be equipped with wisdom in raising our child to know Christ and love Him wholeheartedly.

We’re excited to share our journey with you all. Stay tuned for more frequent updates.

2 thoughts on “Projects in Progress

  1. Tatiana…Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you and Thomas. God is good, all the time. Looking forward to updates..You take care Anna

  2. Yay! The word is finally out! I’m so glad I don’t have to keep that secret anymore! Needless to say, this Mema is quite excited, and I look forward to your updates. Love you, Dear Daughter.

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