15 Weeks recap

Baby is the size of an Avocado.


regaining most of my energy, but still loving early bedtimes. My “bump” is definitely beginning to emerge.  I’m slowly but surely progressing from the “thick” stage, to having an actual bump…but mostly I’m still just looking like I have a big belly to those who don’t know there’s a baby hiding in there.


Still a mix of walking and jogging, or at least walking, a few times a week. I’m signed up for a 5k with my husband and a friend this weekend. I plan to run what I can comfortably and then walk the rest.  I’ve noticed this week that I’m starting to get winded a little quicker.

Food Aversions:

Neither BBQ nor quesadillas sound overly appealing yet, but I at least don’t feel sick at the thought of them.  I also don’t have near the sweet tooth I had pre-pregnancy, although it is slowly coming back occasionally.

Food Cravings:

Salads-woohoo! Particularly spinach, craisins, almond, apple, white cheddar, with a balsamic dressing. I’ve eaten one everyday for over a week now!! Also, raspberries or any fruit, sour skittles, lime water.


Still going strong. πŸ™‚

Looking forward to:

My 18 week appointment. Finding out the gender (hopefully next appointment or soon after!)

Any Movement:

No obvious movement yet, but I’m pretty sure I feel some “flutters” every now and then.

Fun stories:

I had a student come up to me after class one day saying, “Mrs. Dominguez, I’m not sure if it’s my eyes, but I think your belly is starting to stick out.”

“Yes, yes it is,” I replied.

Her final response was, “Well, don’t worry.  Your shirt hides most of it”  ha-I couldn’t help but laugh. Gotta love 6th grade honesty.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been craving sour skittles.  Pre-pregnancy, if I wanted a sweet snack, dark chocolate was my first pick. Very rarely did I eat candy, let alone sour candy, so this is new to me.  Yesterday, I had a particularly strong craving from the beginning of the morning, but held off as long as possible. (Thankfully our vending machine does not carry sour skittles.) I had however mentioned this fact to my husband, and let me tell you…he may not “get” pregnancy brain, but he totally gets pregnancy cravings.  I came home to two “share size” bags of sour skittles, and the thing is, he doesn’t even like sour skittles so I don’t have to share!  What a guy!! (Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to ration them over multiple days πŸ˜‰ )

Other weekly happenings:

Over the weekend, we decided we needed to officially welcome in Autumn. Hurray for today officially being Fall. We started the day with a fresh batch of homemade pumpkin muffins, took a trip to the farmers market, put up fall decorations, dehydrated apples, made homemade donuts, and hosted a Friends Fall Potluck.  Friends, food, fire, and fall…what more do you need??  The weather was gorgeous all weekend long and we loved soaking in the cool, fresh air.

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