16 Weeks recap

Baby is the size of a Dill Pickle.


For the most part sleep is still good, but I had one crazy night. I woke up for my usual bathroom break, but instead of being able to fall back asleep right away, I was wide awake. I soon began feeling extremely hungry, which made trying sleep even less possible. After eating a small bowl of cereal and milk, my hunger was satisfied, but I continued to lay wide awake from 3-5. I typically get up around 5:30, but turned my alarm off and slept until 6 in order to get at least one more hour of sleep. My memory is also frustratingly vanishing. I used to be so on top of things, and remember things so well. I wish I could believe this will get better, but I’m guessing probably not as “fully rested” is probably nowhere on my radar for the next however many years. ha!


I ran a 5k here in town over the weekend with Thomas and my friend, Laura, who was pushing her baby stroller. We had quite the workout, ;).  We only walked a few times, and not for very long segments, which we were both pleased and impressed with. Our “training” was not very intense at all, so we weren’t sure what to expect. Overall, it was just a fun way to get exercise, and it made me more confident in continuing to run as long as I feel comfortable throughout my pregnancy.

IMG_1816 IMG_1817

Food Aversions:

Nothing major this week.

Food Cravings:

My sour skittle craving continued most of week 16, but by the last few days, it was not near as strong. Overall, anything with citrus or spice sounds good. Also, Grapenuts. 🙂


Most nights are still good. Starting to notice a little more rotation side to side throughout the night, but an extra pillow has seemed to help me be more comfortable.

Looking forward to:

My 18 week appointment. Finding out the gender.

Any Movement:

Still a few “flutters” every now and then.

Fun Stories:

Throughout my pregnancy thus far, I’ve had two dreams that I’m having a boy, and finally one that I’m having a girl. Thomas really wants a girl. I’d love one as well, but I think I’m more “okay either way” than he is. I feel like I’m having a boy, but who knows. Hence my excitement to find out the gender. 🙂

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