18 Weeks recap

Baby is the size of a sweet potato.


All the emotions.  I became more easily frustrated/impatient, and was in tears or on the verge of tears multiple times over the silliest things.  It’s like my hormones are finally deciding to kick in.  For my husbands sake, I sure hope they mellow back out a bit, but he sure has been great through it all. 


Daily yoga stretches in the morning. My hips have been feeling especially tight lately so this has been helping a ton! Still more walking than running, but overall more active than last week. 


grapefruit juice!


It’s becoming a little less predictable.  Some evenings I feel energetic and am able to stay up a little later reading or getting things done around the house.  Other nights I randomly fall asleep before 8:00. I had another night where I woke at 2 and was wide awake until after 4.  Needless to say, I’m not a huge fan of that schedule! 

Looking forward to:

Camping along the Buffalo River with friends this weekend. Finding out the gender on the 23rd.  Gender reveal party with coworkers. 


I feel it for sure now and our little one already seems quite active. It’s not constant throughout the day yet, but when Baby D moves, it’s a full on dance party. 

Fun Stories:

On Firday I told my students I had an appointment and wouldn’t be in class when they came back to homeroom at the end of the day. They started asking if it was my appointment to find out gender, so I explained that I’d find out when that appointment was. They began giving their opinions and predictions on what I’m having and one boy said, “Well I think you’re having a boy because my mom got really big with boys and stayed small with girls.” I chuckled and replied, “So are you saying I’m big already?” He confirmed with a yes, to which the rest of class quickly scolded, “You’re NOT supposed to EVER say that!!!!”  
You sure have to love the bluntness of kids, but all I could think was… “If he thinks I’m big now, I sure hate to hear what he thinks by the end of February! 😳 haha

Weekly happenings: 

18 week appointment– went well and was quick and simple.  Baby D’s heart rate sounds strong and steady at 148. 

Nursery work–switched out some furniture, took down old decor to make room for new, set up part of changing station.  Basically we just did a few minor things, which I knew I wanted to do regardless the gender, because I’m getting excited and want to get moving on the planning part!! We also browsed hobby lobby, and I can’t wait to do some shopping in a week and half. πŸ˜€


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