19 Weeks recap

Baby is the size of a zucchini….but I also discovered on my phone app, I can change the theme of size comparisons, so baby is also the size of a Nintendo 🙂


Emotions were a little more stable, but the belly is continuing to grow and the belly button is getting more and more shallow.  I’m also still experiencing tightness in my hips.


Walking, stretching, hiking

Cravings/Food aversions:

Things were pretty neutral this week.


I had pretty solid sleep this week, even in the car/tent during our camping trip.  I am feeling a little more tired in the evenings again though.

Looking forward to:

Not to sound like a stuck record, but finding out our babe’s gender. It’s finally just a couple days away!!! I think my students are almost as excited as I am and ask daily when they get to find out.  My coworkers are throwing a gender reveal party for me Monday after school, so the kiddos will get to find out Tuesday.

Weekly happenings:

In terms of pregnancy, I feel like week 19 was pretty low key with no major changes.  However, we had a wonderful weekend getaway with some good friends.  We met for a weekend of camping and hiking along the Buffalo River. Both the trees and weather were absolutely gorgeous and screamed Autumn. imageThings started out a little rough as we arrived late to a full campground.  We ended up sleeping in our car before snagging a campsite when people started to leave Saturday morning.  It was cold, and our fire was small, but we made our breakfast, and once the sun came out, things warmed up nicely.imageWe did quite a bit of hiking Saturday, and I was soon reminded that I am pregnant and can’t do quite as much as I used to. So water breaks were more frequent, and I was definitely a little sore by the end of the day.imageimageimageimageWe were all thankful to have a tent to sleep in the second night and a warm fire the next morning.  We finished off our weekend with a final, easier hike Sunday morning, but I was still ready to sit and not move for a while by the time we finished.  Overall, it was a lovely weekend, memorable time with friends, and I came back refreshed by the cool, fresh air and exercise. imageimageimage


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