20 Weeks recap

Baby is the size of a Belgian Endive (??)…and now if someone wants to tell me what on earth that is, ha!


Things were pretty even keel this week


I’ve basically ruled out running…it’s no longer overly comfortable, so I’m sticking to long walks, stretching, and light weight workouts (occasionally). I’m thinking I may be breaking out the elyptical before long as the weather gets colder and wetter.


I’m not sure if this is a true craving since I already love it so much, but PIZZA! I could seriously eat it every day! Overall, basically anything citrusy, sour, or savory…still.


This past week of pregnancy definitely started out rough in the sleep department. I had one night that I woke up around 2:30, wide awake.  I laid in bed for over an hour, tossing and turning, and surely disturbing my husband, before deciding to just get up and be productive.  I did a few household tasks until Thomas woke up to head to work (4:45), told him hi and bye, then crawled back in bed for an hour nap before getting up and ready for the day. The next two nights were a little better, but once 4:oo came around, I was wide awake. I would make myself lay in bed for at least an hour before getting up for the day.  Once the weekend hit, my body allowed me to “sleep in” and catch up on a bit of sleep.

Looking forward to:

Now that we know our little one’s gender, the type A person in me is beyond thrilled to be able to start planning, planning, planning!!! We may or may not have picked out a few items for the nursery after our appointment. 😉

Weekly happenings:

Week 20 was a big week.  I had another appointment which included our anatomy scan/gender reveal.  Despite wiggling the entire time, we managed to see clearly that we’re having a little boy.  It was such a sweet experience seeing his little hands and feet, his beating heart, spine, and handsome.imageIt makes me all the more excited to meet him in the spring. We were able to Skype with my family to let them know they’re getting another grandson/nephew, and loved getting to see their reactions and excitement.  However, our oldest nephew (almost 5) was rooting for a girl, and was a bit disappointed to find out there would be another boy.  He asked, “Why do all my cousins have to be boys?” Haha. Maybe someday one of us will add a girl to the mix.

Monday, my sweet co-workers put together a gender reveal for me after school.  The votes between teachers was pretty even, unlike my students’. imageimageThe cake was equally cute and delicious, and overall it was a fun time sharing the excitement and news with my friends at school. imageimageimageThe students were dying to find out, so yesterday was their big day.  As you can imagine, they were extremely thrilled to learn it’s a boy, and they immediately started throwing out name suggestions.

Aside from pregnancy happenings, we enjoyed the cool, rainy, fall weather and celebrated with a little (unfinished) pumpkin carving and seed roasting.imageimageWe had to show support to our Sporting KC as they enter the MLS Cup playoffs this week!!

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