21 Weeks recap

Baby Boy is the size of Baby Bok Choy.


Hmm..symptoms…this week I’d have to say my stomach is definitely popping.  There’s absolutely no doubt by now that I have a human baby in me, not a food baby.  Energy and mood-wise it was a pretty good week.


Walking, walking, walking πŸ™‚ Enjoying the cooler temps and beautiful colors!


Food got interesting this week, or maybe I should say it got extremely mundane. I wouldn’t say I have any specific aversions, in other words, I don’t feel nauseated but any certain food. However, I’ve reached the point that very few things really sounds great. I eat because I know I need to, and I try to keep my meals fairly balanced.  But in reality, I’d be perfectly fine eating pizza, bread, chicken, or crackers every meal..or maybe soup depending on the kind. Basically, bland is better these days.  All of this is kind of annoying to me as I’ve never been a picky eater, and it’s making it very hard to cook meals in the evenings (sorry Thomas).


Hit or miss…I’ve realized that I need to just go to bed way early (thanks to daylight savings, I feel like I can get away with it a little easier, too). No matter what, I wake up early. However, if I go to bed early I’m able to get up easily. If I stay up too late, I still wake up early, but have an extremely hard time getting out of bed and getting ready for the day.

Looking forward to:

Cooler temps and upcoming holidays!! I’m so excited that it’s November. Anyone with me??


This has been a fun week feeling AND SEEING our little man move around.  It’s been the most obvious this week and is just about the best feeling in the  world. πŸ™‚ We were sitting on the couch the other night, and he was wiggling all around. I had Thomas stare at my stomach for at least 5 minutes, but he couldn’t see the movement.  I can’t wait for it to be obvious enough for my hubs to see and feel as well!

Fun Stories:

My students at school are full on baby-naming mode. One class in particular comes in each day with new ideas.  They’re currently stuck on “T” names since both Thomas and my names begin with T.  Some of their suggestions include Talahassee, Timmy, Ted, Jeff, and Maddix with an I. Haha.  We do have a name picked out, but I love hearing their daily suggestions.

I’ve enjoyed already getting spoiled by some of my teacher friends (or our little boy is getting spoiled-ha) with sweet little surprises.  It makes me all the more excited for this kiddo to make his appearance..come on March!! 

Weekly Happenings:

As I mentioned, my stomach is getting bigger each week, if not each day- which I suppose is to be expected by now.  This has resulted in me officially outgrowing my jeans.  At the beginning of week 21, I reached the point where I had to turn to the rubberband method.  Let’s be honest, though, it’s just not that comfortable, and I was paranoid that my shirts were not keeping my zipper covered.  All this resulted in the need to break down and buy some maternity clothes.  My dear husband decided to plan a little day-date trip to Memphis for some shopping and to check out the new Bass Pro.  It was a successful day as I was able to snag some great sales/deals (life is much more comfortable nowadays-ha) and a few freebies from Motherhood Maternity, and an overall lovely time getting a little one-on-one time together.  We finished our weekend with a collaborative art project for the nursery.  image

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