23 Weeks recaps

Baby D is the size of a bunch of grapes. 


Hot! I’ve been so warm lately…and my hands especially get hot. It is so uncomfortable.  Typically I’m more on the cold-natured side, especially my hands, but boy how things have changed! My poor kids have to bundle up when they come to my classroom. I can’t imagine being super prego in the heat of summer! 😳πŸ”₯ Emotionally I feel all over the place. Not to the point of being super irritable or in tears, but some days I feel great and others completely blah.  My motivation is lacking hard core, and I’m feeling like my to-dos at school keep piling higher.  This could partially be due to the fact that I think we’re all ready for next week’s break, but I’ll go ahead and blame it on pregnancy hormones. 😜


Still the usual walking.  I had my husband pull out the ole elyptical with great intentions of spending some time on it in the mornings, but again, no motivation. 


Still not much of a sweet tooth, or an excessive amount of hunger, really. Veggies aren’t my favorite, but fruit-always!!! Still trying to stay pretty balanced inspire of everything. 


Surprisingly well. Hopefully I don’t jinks myself, but I’ve been sleeping pretty soundly and comfortably. Even my early morning bathroom breaks  have become less frequent.  

Looking forward to:

My next appointment on Monday. I’ll be 24.5 weeks, and doing the ole glucose test.  Not necessarily looking forward to that part of it!  So ready for a week of no school, and a trip home to spend Thanksgiving with my family…and putting up Christmas decorations!!


This kid is all over the place.  Over just the past 4 days or so, his movement seems to have picked up a bit. It’s so fun to sit and watch him, and even Thomas has been able to both see and feel him now!!

Fun Stories: 

I FaceTimed with a couple of my nephews the other evening, and they loved seeing my big belly. They’re convinced theirs are still bigger! I guess we’ll compare in person next week. 

Weekly Happenings:

We took some picures over the weekend to use for Christmas cards, put in the yearly album, and of course show off the bump.  It was quick and fun, and I cannot wait to see them!!

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