28 Weeks recap

Baby D is the size of a coconut. 


Well I’m one week into my 3rd trimester, and things have gotten a bit interesting. I had a few days where my body and mind apparently thought sleep was for the birds.  I’d wake up in the middle of the night wide awake, so I often used the opportunity to get my grading done before hopping back in bed to catch a nap before my day was supposed to start.  It quickly caught up to me though, and over the weekend exhaustion set in.  Naps were happening and still I was feeling so tired.  Along with my sleep issues, I’m definitely feeling a lot more pressure..and taking more frequent bathroom breaks.. as Little Mister seems to be moving a bit lower. We did some traveling over the weekend which also brought on some tightness and aches in my low back and hips. Oh, and heart burn has started kicking in occasionally, so I finally caved and made friends with the ole Tums.Overall, I’m sure it could be a lot worse, but it’s quite possibly been my least comfortable week so far.  


I managed to fit in a couple of walks, but between a crazy last week of school and traveling over the weekend, exercising wasn’t at the top of my to-do list. 


Same ole, same ole. Trying to prioritize proteins, fruits, and veggies as my appetite still has not been high, and I get full quickly.  I know I need the nutrients though.  


As I mentioned earlier, I had a few nights where my sleep was not solid. But in general, I’d have to say I’m still managing to sleep pretty well. 

Looking forward to:

Having these next couple weeks off from school-thank you Christmas Break!! Celebrating Christmas with family, and spending time relaxing together.  And seeing the final product of the baby quilt my mom’s working on when my parents come in for New Years. Movement:

Oh.  My. Word. Not only has this past week brought on some new symptoms, this kid’s movement has also jumped to a whole new level.  He still moves so frequently, but instead of the sweet, fairly subtle taps that I used to feel, my stomach is now being jolted from side to side.  I’m pretty sure he’s done a few complete flips from one side to the other. While it’s far from comfortable, it was rather entertaining to watch.  His movement has been one of the most fascinating things to me during this pregnancy, and I still have no clue how he even finds room to move around so much.  

Weekly happenings:

Quite a bit has happened over the last week or so.  We finally finished up Christmas shopping, and took advantage of close parking excuses.  I’ve always wanted to use this at target and finally got the chance. Haha img_2077We did a lot of work on the nursery (when I really should have been grading).  Here are a few teasers, but we officially have everything done that we plan to do (furniture & decor) before showers. img_2064 We hosted a Bon Voyage for our friends/life group leaders as they’ll be moving in just a few days. They’re going to be greatly missed.  A trip to Little Rock to celebrate our 3 year anniversary included a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert and our traditional Bed & Breakfast stay at the Rosemont Inn and Cottages.  And to wrap up the weekend, we headed to OKC to see family and help celebrate the marriage of a good friend.  Extra bonus: this wedding brought together a little reunion for some of our Russia crew. {photo cred: Kristin Njimegni} Overall, it was a full and wonderful weekend, but I’m so glad to be back home and in my own bed.  

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