34 weeks appointment

Today marks 34 weeks, just 6 weeks to go. How is this even possible??

 Baby D is the size of a butternut squash.  He’s approximately 18 inches and 5 lbs.


Feeling quite tired, and just in last couple days I’ve started experiencing some sciatic nerve pinching on my left side. Thankfully it hasn’t been anything too extreme or painful, but I definitely have times that aren’t overly comfortable.


This has slowed down a bit due to weather, lack of energy, and being busy “nesting” and getting things prepped at home and work.  However, Denise Austin and I have had a couple indoor workout dates recently.  Haha


All I want is fruit.  I eat grapefruit like oranges, cartons of raspberries get downed in one setting, berries in general earn their own special grocery runs.  I just can’t get enough!!


Still having no problem being comfortable when I sleep.  I’m out when my head hits the pillow and typically have pretty solid nights.  Most nights I get between 8-10 hours of sleep (I go to bed way early!), but still wake up so tired.  I’m beginning to accept the fact that this will be going away no time soon.


Little man is still quite active, but I can sure tell he’s running out of room. The other day I was sitting and watching him move, and before I knew it, either his hand or foot stretched out and swiped down my stomach.  It was probably the craziest thing I’ve seen so far.

Appointment recap:

I went in today for my 34 week check up and am measuring 33.5 weeks.  Baby’s heart rate was around 127, and I’ve officially hit the 20 pound weight gain mark. I go back in two weeks, then start going weekly.  So crazy! So close!!

Weekly happenings:

A week and a half ago, I made a trip up to OKC for my first shower with friends and family.  It was such a sweet time catching up with so many college friends as well as seeing my SIL’s and aunt.  They all showered and spoiled our little guy and me with so much love, encouragement, and prayers, as well as a variety of thoughtful gifts.

   We had a few “snow days” last week, so I filled my days with reading, naps, and knocked some things off my to-do list to start getting things all ready for our little guy’s arrival.

Now that we’re back to school this week, I’ve been kicking things in high gear with sub plans for my maternity leave.  I feel like I’m making good progress, but my goodness, there’s so much to think about and get together.  I’m sure my type-A personality doesn’t help shorten the list, but hopefully it’ll all make things easier for my sub.


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