40 weeks: Due Date

Baby D is the size of a watermelon. 


Sporadic contractions, more pressure and discomfort in my pelvic area -especially after sitting a while, fatigue, and occasional tingling/slight numbness in my fingers-especially when I’m hot! Speaking of being hot, I’m definitely ready return to my “cold-natured” self. It’s so much easier to bundle up and get warm. I’m realizing how uncomfortable hot hands and feet are…and my poor students get a daily freeze-out when they come to my class since I’ve been keeping my AC cranked. (note to self: for future pregnancies, try not to be super pregnant in the summer!!!)


Walking, squats, jumping jacks, bouncing on my exercise ball…can you tell I’m trying to help this little mister out?! 😜


Still. Sleeping.  8+ hours a night…I’m in for a rude awakening and am apologizing now for and crankiness that may result from sleep deprivation.  I’ve been contemplating whether I should continue to take advantage of sleeping through the night, or start setting my alarm to wake every couple of hours to begin acclimating myself. Ha! So far, I’m still choosing sleep. 


I’ve been feeling movements lower, but still not convinced he’s “dropped”. My stomach has been awfully lopsided with his movements lately. Now if only he’d realize how much more comfortable he (and I) could be if he’d just come enter our world.

Weekly happenings:

Grading: check! Sub plans: check! House clean: check! Bag packed: check! Ready for baby: CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!!

We had beautiful weather over the weekend, so after doing some yard work, a final “deep clean”, and making sure everything was ready to go, we enjoyed a weekend outside and time with friends. Yard games, walks, and spicy food happened multiple times, and it couldn’t have been a lovelier weekend. To top it off, it was opening weekend of soccer season, and Sporting won their first game.  We were thrilled and celebrated with homemade shortcake!!  I’ve been taking this week one day at a time, and still teaching away.  Today, my sweet students surprised me with a diaper fund and giant sign to help welcome our little guy. 

  It was the sweetest thing, and they did SUCH a good job keeping this secret for over a week.  Each day, they ask if it’s going to be my last or if they’ll get to see me at least another day, and it just warms my heart.  Friday will be my absolute last day if I make it until then…just two. more. days! Despite my sporadic contractions, I still feel great, and not like I’m 40 weeks.  I have an appointment tomorrow, so I’m excited to see how I’m progressing…or maybe he’ll just decide to come tonight. πŸ˜‰ Either way, we’re beyond excited and ready to meet our son.  It still baffles me that this pregnancy is about to end and I’ll be having our baby any day now!!! Let’s do this!!

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