Silas: 1 month

In many ways this first month as FLOWN by. In other ways, life with Silas just seems so normal, as if we’ve had him longer than a month.  Either way, we’re loving every bit of it, even the interrupted sleep ;). Silas has made adjusting pretty easy, and is typically pretty chill and content. He’s becoming more alert, flashing more sweet smiles, and always willing to be snuggled. 

Weight: 9.3 lbs (at 3 week appointment)

Height: 20.5 inches (at 3 week appointment)


Silas has had nothing but good reports at his doctor visits. He is a strong little guy and growing.  His umbilical cord (finally) fell off at 4 weeks. 


He’s a great eater, typically every 3 hours during the day, and 4+ hours at night, though he’ll sometimes throw in a 2-2.5 hour feeding during the day. We have started doing one 4-5 oz. bottle feed most days, which gives me a break and allows more dad/son bonding.  He does great with the bottle and has no problem transitioning between bottle and breast. 


We’re very thankful to (so far) have a good sleeper. Most days Silas sleeps 1-2 hours in between feeds, though some days recently he’s been much more awake and alert leaving only enough time for a short catnap. Mornings are usually his most alert times of the day.  We aim for a 9 pm bedtime feed so that he’s asleep for the night between 9:30 and 10. He’ll usually sleep until about 2, then up again between 6 and 7 am.  I’d be lying if I said this worked every night. Some nights include an extra feeding, and some nights Silas wants to stay awake and jabber for an extra hour after his 2 am feed. However, over the past two weeks, the majority of our nights fit under the 9,2,6 routine. 

He sleeps in a rock n play at night, and typically naps great in his mamaroo, but isn’t so fond of his crib. We’re trying to incorporate 1 nap in the crib each day to help him get used to it and hopefully make transitioning easier when the time comes.  We’ve had one very successful crib nap, a few semi-successes, and plenty of failed attempts, but we’ll keep trying. πŸ™‚ 

Silas also snoozes great when I’m wearing him in my Solly wrap, which works well on days he just wants to be held but I need to get things done. And I can’t say I mind having him snuggled up to me…I know these days will be gone entirely too soon.  


Swinging in his mamaroo, wrapped in the Solly, looking all around, being read to, walks in his stroller, outside, tummy time in small doses, being held, bath time


Getting his nose sucked, more than 5 minutes of tummy time, being strapped into his car seat, but does great once he’s in and we’re driving. 

Fun things we did:

Newborn pictures, Easter church service, multiple trips to the park, stroller walks, watched a few Sporting KC soccer games with dad, donut date with aunt Katie and cousin Isaac, met great Gma & Gpa Hardenbrook

Looking forward to:

Our first road trip to OKC at the end of the month to meet uncles, aunts, and Stoltzfus cousins. 


Physically, I’m healing very well and have been surprised at how quickly I’ve bounced back from surgery and pregnancy in general. I’ve enjoyed getting out and taking Silas on walks, and this spring weather often makes me antsy to start running again.  

Emotionally, I’m absolutely loving being mom.  I definitely have my moments when I’m exhausted, flustered, and break down in tears. I have to work through the struggle of analyzing what I ate and wondering if it’s the cause of a spittier day for my little guy, and reassuring myself that it’s normal and he’s okay.  Thomas has helped me chill out when Silas does get fussy, because again, it’s normal and he’s okay. I’m so so thankful for such a level headed husband, a partner in this parenting thing that helps me laugh and reminds me not to stress out over the little things. Every day with Silas is such a marvelous mystery, full of new developments, joys, worries, dirty moments, and moments I want to freeze and cherish forever.  Having a child has increased my desire to learn to slow down and enjoy each moment rather than wishing ahead of time. While there are so many things Thomas and I look forward to about Silas growing up and developing his own little personality, I don’t want our current days, this current stage, to be overlooked or forgotten. 

I’m still enjoying breastfeeding and so thankful that Silas does so well with it. While I do miss my nights of uninterrupted sleep, there’s something so sweet about waking up with Silas for our nighttime feed(s). The stillness, the quiet, just the two of us…his little grunts, his sleepy smiles…they’re SO worth it. Even during the day, I’ve found myself appreciating  our feeds and the way they force me to be still and take a break from any chaos or busyness in our day.  


Thomas is such a rockstar of a dad. I can’t help but continue to brag on him.  I absolutely love watching him with Silas, and I’m extremely appreciative for all he does for both of us. If he can tell I’m getting flustered, or just need a moment to myself, he doesn’t hesitate to scoop up our sweet boy and keep him entertained.  He’s changed way more diapers than I ever expected (if you know my husband, you know how he detests bodily fluids!!) and hasn’t seemed phased by them. Overall, Thomas said it’s been easier than he thought and Silas doesn’t cry as much as he expected. He loves, and gets a kick out of, the many sounds-coos, grunts, squeals- and expressions from our animated little guy. However, he looks forward to being able to really play with our son. Like I mentioned already, he’s very level-headed, takes everything as it comes, and I couldn’t ask for a better partner/teammate. 

This month in pictures:   


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