Silas: 3 months

2016-06-12 11.57.30Weight: ~15 lbs.
Height: ?


Silas continues to get stronger and more active each day. He has great head control and loves to look all around when being held. He does great sitting in his bumbo seat, and pulls toys up to his mouth. Tummy time is becoming more enjoyable and Silas pushes up better and better. He starts squirming around as if he wants to (army) crawl.


Shortly after our 2 month update, Silas initiated a schedule change that I was feeling nervous about. Instead of eating every 3 hours during the day, we are now eating every 3.5. I use the Mom’s On Call book as a guide for Silas’s naps and eating and knew we were needing to make the transition soon, but our previous schedule was going so well, I was nervous to make any changes. However, because Silas helped initiate this, the transition was smooth and we’ve had no problems since. This also resulted in better naps and an earlier bedtime.


Month 3 has held more solid nights of sleep. As I mentioned above, we’ve also transitioned to an earlier bedtime and now sleep from 8:30-7:30. Most of the month, we would still wake up once throughout the night to nurse, but over the past week, we’ve dropped all night feeds completely. Silas will still occasionally wake around 4 or 5 am, but takes his paci and immediately is back to sleep. (We’re so thankful that Silas FINALLY decided to take and like his paci!!)  Sleeping arrangements in general over the past few weeks have been switched up due to family vacation over Memorial Day weekend and staying with Tommy’s sister while we make home repairs from flooding. Despite all this, Silas has been a trooper and hasn’t seemed overly bothered by the changes. He is currently still sleeping in our room and in the rock n play, but we plan to transition him to his own room and crib once we’re back in our own house again.

Naptime has been going much smoother with the schedule change as well. Crib naps are being mastered (1-2 hrs 3 times a day). This did get switched up a bit when we went on vacation over Memorial Day weekend as we only took his rock n play for sleeping. He napped great in it, of course, and once we came back and have been staying with Tommy’s sister, we continued naps in the rock n play for about a week. We slowly transitioned back to crib naps and they are getting better and better (sometimes with the help of his paci).


wrapped in the Solly-(goes right to sleep most times, otherwise just chill and taking in the world), playing on his play mat, being read to, walking outside, tummy time, being held and walked around, bath time, jabbering in the mornings, paci (finally!! the magic soother!), staring & smiling at the ceiling fan, laying on the changing table (starts jabbering away), being rocked, putting things in his mouth, blowing spit bubbles


being hot, being left alone too long, air compressor noise

Fun things we did:

Uncle JoJo’s graduation from UAMS. Family vacation to Heber Springs over Memorial Day weekend, lots of hiking, decided the paci is our best friend, enjoying tummy time more, swimming with cousin Isaac

Looking forward to:

vacation to Kansas City, attending first MLS game, celebrating our first Father’s Day


Physically-this month started out active-building up my running in distance and frequency. However, due to circumstances with our home getting flooded, all physical activity has gone out the window and been replaced with home repair labor.
Emotionally- I’m absolutely loving this stage and watching Silas’s little personality develop and come alive. He is so happy and easy going, and it makes being his mom such a joy. As I’ve mentioned, our house got flooded the last week of May and we’ve been staying with Tommy’s sister and her family. Tommy and I have been back and forth to work on our house and get things cleaned up and repaired. This means I’ve been having to leave Silas behind which has not been easy. As we’ve progressed and things are getting cleaned up and back in place, it gives me a little more flexibility and we’ve been able to take Silas along with us more as well. However, the first couple weeks I found myself feeling torn between feeling guilty for not being at the house to help more, but also guilty for leaving Silas behind (even though I was only gone during his nap times and would come back to nurse him throughout the day). Knowing that I’ll be going back to school in the fall, I suppose it’s been good practice in being away from Silas. However, I’ve also felt like my time with him has been stolen over the past few weeks, making our summer together shorter and fly by faster. I try not to dwell on this, as I know it will only make the situation worse. Instead, I continue to cherish all the time I do get with him and don’t take it for granted. Silas truly has been such a trooper through all of this, which has made it SO much easier to deal with. He is such a blessing to Tommy and I, and our days are filled with so much joy and happiness getting to be this sweet boy’s parents.

This month in pictures:

A visit from great gma and gpa Hardenbrook.

Uncle JoJo’s graduation and meeting Nonnie and Pappy McFalls
Family Vacation. Heber Springs-hiking at Bridal Veil Falls

38 weeks pregnant vs. 11 weeks with Silas

Swimming with cousin Isaac {thanks aunt Katie for capturing the moment}

Sweet smiles and snuggles on the daily

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