Silas: 4 months

Weight: 15.10 lbs.
Height: 25.5 in.


This month Silas has developed some eczema, but is otherwise healthy. He is more and more vocal each day, full of smiles, and has learned to roll from belly to back. His strength is often demonstrated by grasping our fingers, and pushing himself up to stand when being held in our laps.


Silas continues to be a good eater and is becoming more efficient with nursing. When he takes a bottle, he drinks between 6-8 ounces. The 8 ounces came as a total shocker to us when I made a 6 oz bottle and he demanded more after finishing it. The next day, I gave him 7, but once again he was not satisfied. Third time was a charm, and he was happily full with an 8 ounce bottle. Some days he’ll drink less, depending on the time.


We dealt with some sleep regression which effected both nights and naps. Thankfully, after a few nights of sleep training, Silas successfully sleeps through the night without being nursed, soothed by us, or a paci. He goes to bed between 8-8:30 and will sleep until anywhere from 6-7 am, though this morning he woke up jabbering in his high voice at 5:30…at least he was happy 😉 . Weaning from the swaddle has also been a big deal for us this month.  Silas currently sleeps in a sleep sack with his arms free and seems to love it. We’ll work on weaning him from the sleep sack later this month.

Naps have been inconsistent in length. He goes down at the same time each day and will sleep anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours (on a good day!!)  As we’ve dealt with sleep regression, 45 mins to an hour have been the most common.


chewing on anything and everything, making gurgling noises, squealing, tummy time, playing in the activity center, standing (with assistance), snuggling with mom and dad, singing Itsy Bitys Spider, being tickled.


the sound of the vacuum

Fun things we did:

vacation to Kansas City, went to MLS game to watch Sporting KC, celebrated Father’s Day, went to the lake-swimming and boat ride, visited El Dorado for 4th of July, had a visit from Jessica and Dillon, learned to roll over, found our high pitch voice.

Looking forward to:

rolling over more, trying to become more mobile


Physically-I’ve been thankful to be able to get back to exercising over the past couple weeks. This has included a mix of walks, runs, and Insanity workouts.
Emotionally- Aside from stress in continuing to deal with home repairs, things are going great. As I’ve said before, I’m absolutely loving being mom, and love what each new day brings with my sweet boy.  He is developing such a little personality and it’s so fun to see him learn and discover new things each day. We’ve had some trial runs of what it’ll be like when school starts back up next month as I’ve had a few workshops last week and this week. The first day was especially hard leaving Silas, and I have to admit, I didn’t have the greatest attitude while at my workshop.  That evening and the next morning I made sure to spend a little extra time with Jesus to get my attitude in check. Do I want to leave my son? No. Is it what God has me doing in this season of my life? Yes. So I’m doing my best to have a positive attitude so I can love on my students and serve in this area God has called me. I’m also extremely grateful that Tommy works from home and is able to keep Silas with him at this point. Knowing Silas is with his dad and in GREAT hands is a huge help at putting this mama’s heart at ease when I leave. I’m looking forward to a few more weeks of summer break with my guys, and going to soak up every last minute of it.

This month in pictures:

First Sporting KC game. Slept through the first half, but loved cheering the second half.Cole & SilasReady for some lake time!
Despite the squished cheeks, the boat ride and swimming was a huge hit!

Celebrating “Bubbles” (aka Paige’s) birthday. 4th of July in El DoradoNot so sure about the new hairstyleLoves learning his way around the playset, but not sure what to think about the music that he kept making play. visit from Dillon and Jessica

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