Silas: 6 months

Hoooooow is my baby a half year already? It has seriously flown by! (typical, I know…) I started back to work right at 5 months of Silas, hence no check in. As a result, this recap is going to include events and milestones from both months. Many have overlapped and improved over the last couple months anyway, so it seems fitting for them to share a post. Here we go…

 Weight: 17 lbs 6 oz (46th percentile)

Height: 26.5 inches (51st percentile)


Overall, our little man remains healthy, strong, and is growing like a weed. We packed away many outgrown clothes. Silas is still fitting in some 3-6 month onesies, but his 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes are unpacked and getting some love. We’ve experienced our first little cold (or maybe just symptoms of teething??) with an icky runny nose. Thankfully, no fever has developed, and overall, Silas has remained happy and energetic most days.  Speaking of teething, he has one bottom tooth that has finally popped through, and his top two don’t seem like they’ll be far behind. He can roll from belly to back, but often refuses to. We have yet to see him roll back to belly, but gets awfully close. Despite his lack of rolling, Silas started sitting up on his own right at 5 months, and has continually become better at balancing himself and sitting for long periods of time. Also, kid loves to jump…in our laps, on the floor, constant bouncing with this one.


We have been introducing a few foods to Silas in the form of purees. Leading up, he seemed super interested and would watch us eat while mimicking our chewing motions. He constantly grabs for our plates, bowls, cups, and tries to put them straight into his mouth. Therefore, we were a bit surprised, and humored, by his response when given his own turn at food.  Sweet potatoes, carrots, avocado, and banana were all experimented with at different textures/consistencies.  He didn’t seem to hate any of them, but never actually swallowed any of them either. He’d take a few bites, mush each around in his mouth, and then hide it somewhere?? Once he was tired of it, he’d go for another bite, but just lets it all start dripping back out. Ha! He seemed much more interested in chewing on his bowl and spoon. After taking a few days off, we reintroduced carrots a few days ago with much more success, and have since also successfully retried sweet potatoes.


Overall, sleep is going well. He typically sleeps through the night (7:30-5/5:30). If/when he wakes in the 5 o’clock hour, I pop in his paci and he’s back to sleep till around 6:30 when I feed him before school. (Some weekends we “sleep in” until 7!) He’s then up for the day which includes 3, 1-2 hour naps. Over the past couple weeks, naps have become more hit or miss. We blame this on teething and a snotty/stuffy nose.  Even on our “off” days, Silas often takes two solid naps.


being outside, sitting up on his own, chewing. on. everything!, swimming, baths in the big tub, June (our dog), playing in his play center, jumping, reading books: helps turn pages and loves the touch & feel books, blowing spit bubbles, riding on dad’s shoulders, jabbering and squealing, flashing cheesy grins, baking in the kitchen with mom, singing: itsy bitsy spider, you are my sunshine, pat-a-cake, I love you Lord (at bedtime).


getting his nose sucked out, the Happy Birthday song, being left alone for too long, rolling over

Fun things we did:

Lots of swimming in July & August, visit from Aunt Jill, Pops and Mema, celebrated Dad’s birthday, made tamales as a family, tried new foods, hammocked at the park, and lots of time outdoors (but SO ready for cooler weather!)

Looking forward to:

trying more foods, camping trips & hiking in the fall


I’ve been back to work for a month now and have been so thankful for the smooth transition. Having a husband who works from home and is also able to keep our little man has been a huge blessing, and no doubt a major reason for the ease of starting a new school year. I’m enjoying my group of kids, and love my coworkers, making my days fast and enjoyable. Still, once 3:30 hits, I can’t get home to my boys soon enough. I am continuing to nurse when I’m with Silas, and pump when I’m at school. This has also been going well so far, but proven a greater need for me to balance time and prioritize tasks. Our sweet moments together in the morning are some of my favorite, and I can’t imagine starting my days without them. Once I’m home, we play for a while and he eats, then I often wear him while I cook supper. This is another favorite time of mine, and Silas seems to enjoy being in the kitchen and “helping” as well. I look forward to the day he’s old enough to really help. 🙂
Thomas and I are signed up for two 5ks this fall which I’m looking forward to. I haven’t been running near enough (still adjusting to the whole ‘working mom’ thing, and waiting for cooler weather!), but am thankful to have these races as extra motivation.

This month in pictures:

First time to try food…not so sure about it. Chillin with his Aunt LouSilas’s response to “Happy Birthday”…we have 6 months to get used to this song.How we do Saturdays.We love visits from Pops and Mema.My little sous chef. Never too young to be in the kitchen.Teething got us like…Family Time: Tamale makingHappy Birthday, Dad. 
Visit from Aunt Jill.Surprised at his own new skills (@5 months)Making his dad lover.Mom’s first day of school. Bedtime Bible Stories with Pops and Mema. 

One thought on “Silas: 6 months

  1. Silas is a joy and a blessing as you both are too. We appreciate you very much. Thank you also for taking the time to update us. It’s incredible to see what the Lord is doing in each of your lives. We love you!

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