Silas: 8 Months

The past few nights we’ve had really great nights of sleep. As a result, we were hopeful of getting to “sleep in” this morning, but our sweet little man had other plans. He apparently thought we were going to party today in honor of him being 8 months, and wanted that party to start at 5:45 am! Good thing he’s super cute, 😉

Weight: ~17.4

Height: ??


Praise the Lord for a continually healthy little man. We’ve hit some big milestones recently, and continue to cut one tooth after another. Silas now has 7 teeth, and his 4th top tooth is not far behind. We’re praying it comes quick and we can soon have a break from teething for a while! He’s been a trooper through it all, and despite less sleep, we’re thankful he’s not had fever at all during this process. Our little guy is keeping us on our toes constantly now, as he pulls up on things, cruises around the coffee table, and has mastered crawling. He still prefers to hold our hands and take off walking, but he’s figured out how to get around on his own as well.


Little man loves. to. eat! And is proving to not be picky at all. As of now, we’re still doing this purees, but with all the teeth, hoping to move into soft finger foods before long- we’ve tried a few, but need to work on that hand-eye-coordination. 😉 So far he eats peas, carrots, green beans, avocado, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkin, pears, apples, banana, oats, eggs, yogurt, and loves a little dash of cinnamon on his oats and fruit.  We plan to start adding more proteins via meat, and hopefully more variety of fruit and grains as well.
The other day, we gave him a few nibbles of fresh, homemade sandwich bread and he absolutely loved it. -Takes after him momma and dada!!


Overall, I’d still qualify him as a good sleeper. Obviously, times are still hit or miss (thanks teething!), but even if he does wake at night, it’s typically only for a short bit and he’s often right back to sleep. We’ve had a few rough nights of longer spouts thrown in, but overall, we’re all getting our rest. 🙂
I was pretty nervous about Daylight Savings, as Silas is already an early riser, but thank the Lord, our little man decided to sleep. He woke in a mysterious fit around 10 pm, but then slept until 6:30 am, and mom and dad felt nice and rested. (We may or may not have also gone to bed around 8:30, ha!)


Being outside is still, by far, his favorite! –sitting in grass, playing with leaves, swinging, and listening to planes fly overhead.
Riding on dad’s shoulders, June, listening to music/dancing, when mom gets home from work, pulling up on things, walking with our help, silly faces, and being thrown in the air.
Toys: V-Tech learning walker (so many noses and colorful shapes), bowls and wooden spoons


running out of food, drinking out of a sippy cup

Fun things we did:

baby dedication at church, Trip to OKC for a 5k and to see friends and family, playtime at park, pumpkin patch & hayride, learned to crawl & pull up on everything!!

Looking forward to:

camping and hiking in Gatlinburg, TN next week, Thanksgiving and seeing the cousins!!

This month in pictures:Doesn’t everyone just lay down and chill out in a flower bed of ground cover?!Hayride fun with Aunt LouLou and Leesh!Making Pops proud and checking out the green tractors.Pumpkin PatchSo glad to have Gabrielle back in the States. We can’t wait to see her again!All for Grace 5k in OKC..aka college reunion. 🙂College XC teammates reunitedDespite the wind, Silas enjoyed the surprise visit from Uncle John and Aunt Marge.Wishes so bad he could’ve eaten that bite of cheesecake. Loved our visit to Fayetteville to see Brit and AndyMornings with Moses…this kid loves dogs!Baby dedication at church with his best budsPure joy…this child fills us all with pure joy!Family picnic in the park.Heart & Sole 5k with Laura and Ruby2016-09-24-07-58-542016-09-24-07-59-51


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