Silas: 10 months

10 months. 10 MONTHS?! Double digits seems sooo BIG!!Weight: 18 lbs

Height: 28 inches

This silly joker most certainly keeps us on our toes and give us constant joy and laughter.

Our sweet Silas….He never turns down food. He is a super speedy stealthy crawler. He loves to be thrown in the air and bounced up and down on Dada’s shoulders. He already has his 1 year molars… and 8 front teeth 😳. Bath time is a favorite, or at least a close second to his June-bug pup. His cheesey straight-line smile is contagious. When he hears his Dada play piano, he hightails it to the room and reaches up to play too. He loves to flirt–gives the biggest smiles, then quickly buries his face in our chest. Bearded men seem the least threatening to him. He gets excited when I come home from work, and loves to be my sous-chef. Peek-a-boo, clapping, waving…he’s always on the move, and does NOT like being told no. He loves to read books and is our little lefty. He had his first little cold, and has been deprived from the outdoors. But he got to experience his first snow!

He’s brave. He’s curious. He’s strong. He’s silly and ornery. Mischievous and loving. Loud and expressive. He’s our adventurous little traveler. Our little music man and absolute favorite companion.

Silas Graham.. you are SO loved!!!

November: Thanksgiving in El Dorado, Friendsgiving in Gatlinburg & Hiking in the Great Smokies, Family Photos.

December: Christmas in Kansas, Great-Great Grandpa’s rocker,  Driving lessons on the farm, Christmas photoshoot, walking with the walker.

January: First snow, church nursery fun, mama’s sous-chef.

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