Answered Prayers 

This week put us on a roller coaster of emotion and sent us spinning. A phone call early in the week brought good news and excitement, but was soon followed with shock. stress. anxiousness. nerves. Then, even better news and celebration. Prayers were answered this week, and we are beyond grateful. An answer we felt we had waited on for far too long. Yet, God knew all along. He had this day marked, and he carried us to it each step of the way.At school, the week was filled with pre-teen romance (thank you Valentine’s Day!) and parent/teacher conferences. All of which was rewarded with a three-day weekend. Thank. The. Good. Lord.We’ve enjoyed a slow-paced weekend, filled with a few small projects around the house that have been put off for too long. But mostly, we’ve enjoyed some quality time together and our beautiful early spring weather.As we continue to get our business up and running, with an official launch just around the corner (all the praise hands!), I find myself cherishing this “slow-paced” season and our time together. I don’t know exactly what God has in store for us, but as we continue to have new opportunities and adventures put in front of us, I do believe things are about to get a little crazier. In a good way!! 


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