Moody Monday

I presented my students with a writing prompt this morning asking what makes them happy when they have a case of the “Mondays”. I loved reading their responses…eating a warm, tasty breakfast, seeing their friends at school, having teachers that care for them, waking to their little siblings, thinking about God’s love for them…the list went on. One of my absolute favorite aspects of being a writing teacher is getting to hear the stories, creativity, experiences, and imagination of my students as I read their writing. I feel as though I get to know them on a whole new level, and I’m often left encouraged by the depth of thinking, compassion, and humor they have tucked away in their hearts and mind. 

So here I am, reflecting on what brings me joy and gets me through my “Moody Monday”. 

🔸a quiet morning with Jesus, coffee, and Silas’s snuggles.🔸coworkers that keep me laughing even on the most difficult days. 

🔸a precious student who came up at the end of a class to hug me and thank me for the fun and interesting lesson. 

🔸a long walk in the bright sunshine.🔸giggles and squeals from Silas as we wrestled and flopped on the bed. 

🔸and finally, a quiet end to the day, cozied up by my handsome, hard-working husband. 

OH! And maybe just a little bit of chocolate. 

What brought you joy today?


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