Baby D #2: 30 weeks

I had my 30 week appointment today, and got good reports. At my last appointment, I failed my first glucose screening and had to endure the awful 4-hour test. I’m not going to lie, I felt like a bit of a failure and was so annoyed. But I survived and passed without any issues. Goal for any future pregnancy: don’t fail the first one! Ha.

We officially have a FULL name decided on, and I’m so glad. I love hearing Silas say his baby brother’s name while patting my belly. I can’t wait to watch Silas love on him once he arrives.


Lots of kicking and squirming from our little man. I love feeling him move all around and watching my belly dance. My appetite has been tapering off, but heartburn occasionally creeps in. (pizza and brownies seem to be the biggest culprits.) The last several days I’ve been SO thirsty. I feel like I can’t drink my water fast enough. Overall, the past few weeks I’ve felt better than the majority of my pregnancy so far. My backaches have decreased while my energy has increased. Not a bad trade off, I’d say.


I’ve been consistently working out 3-5 times a week. I’m still mixing it up with yoga, Pilates, bodyweight workouts, and walking. So far I still feel comfortable with each type of exercise and feel strong and energized afterward.


Peanut M&Ms!! Overall, my appetite has continued to stay pretty normal. I’ve been able to eat and enjoy very balanced, healthy meals throughout the day. But good golly, in between? Give me allllll the peanut M&Ms.


Sleep. What a precious thing. I still typically go to bed early and wake up early, sleeping solidly through the night. Occasionally a bathroom break will sneak in, but thankfully it’s not a regular occurrence, and I have no problem going back to sleep. While I wake up feeling pretty good and energized most days, I also often find myself wondering if I’ll ever not be exhausted again. Does that even make sense? Ha.

Looking forward to:

These next 9 weeks-soaking up all the snuggles I can from my sweet Silas and embracing one-on-one time with him. I’m so ready to add another precious boy to our family, and I’m confident Silas will be such a good big brother. But oh my…it’s going to be an adjustment for sure. I honestly don’t even know what to expect.

Also looking forward to Spring Break in a couple weeks. I have a list of baby to-dos to get started on, and some freezer meals to start making. We’re also hoping to squeeze in a little “daycation” as a family of 3 during the break before we all hit the grind again and the final stretch before becoming a family of 4!!

Recent happenings:

Some of our friends recently had their sweet baby girl, so Silas is getting some practice sharing Mama’s attention and snuggles. He seems pretty smitten with babies and is usually so so gentle and sweet-always wanting to look and “pat-pat” the baby. Hopefully this stands true when Baby Brother enters our world.Rainy day coffee date with my favorite guys. Thankful for my helper/taste-tester. A day out and about-kid free-with my one and only. Artist in the making.