Silas: 18 months

Weight: 25 lbs. 

Height: 31 in. 

One and a half years full of love and joy and big adventures with our now toddler. Where did our baby go? Cliche, I know. But for real!?!

…he’s a climber. a little coffee connoisseur.  lover of outdoors, books, and music. sous chef. floor sweeper. requests rocking and songs before bed. collector of sticks and rocks. train and sticker obsessed. calls everything “car”. orneriest growl. plays hide-n-seek and ring around the rosie. learning to draw and color. rocking some long hair. gives the sweetest kisses. mister independent. 

Life Lately Through Our Lens::

Our most recent camping trip: Steel Creek. Two nights. First night we…survived. Second night was a success. We hiked and played in the river. Collected rocks and ate s’mores. Silas was in heaven! Crazy Hair. Don’t Care. Never too young for coffee. Nature lover. Always with a stick in his hand. Our little book worm. Weekend camping in Mt. View. First time to sleep in a tent. Chocolate shakes. Folk music and Hiking. Wedding fun with Leesh and Lou Summer Swims Blackberry picking at Scattercreek FarmsA boy and his dog. Early summer visit to Pops and Mema’s farm. Kittens and tractor rides. Always into everything. Family day-hike: Pinnacle.