Silas: 12 months

Weight: 21.7 lbs 

Height: 29 inches


12 teeth, walking, clapping, waving, high-fives, starting to fit shaped blocks in holes, rolls/tosses ball back and forth to play catch. Talking: clearly says mama and dada. We can interpret him saying: here go (here you go), whadat? (What’s that), owsah (outside), heyJu (hey June). 


Silas has always been very chill, very easy-going… and he still is most of the time. But his little personality is definitely developing and shining through. He has his stubborn moments, and clingy moments, but is typically still very pleasant. He takes a bit to warm up to people, but once he does, he’s flirting and/or pretending to be bashful, and eating up the attention. He loves to jabber and giggle, but can also win a straight-face-staring contest like nobody’s business. His Dr. got a kick out of this the other day at his appointment. He’s getting more and more ticklish, and finally letting his giggles roll out. He is ornery and likes to make people laugh, and is always competing with sound. If he hears a loud noise, he chimes right in with his own. Silas is an explorer, and is constantly into everything, sometimes learning the hard way. Overall, this kid is full of contagious joy and love.  


I don’t think there is a single food Silas turns down. He loves it all, well, except eggs. His standard breakfast is an oats, yogurt, applesauce, cinnamon combo, but he also loves stealing sips of mama’s protein shakes. Other meals, he eats whatever we eat. Silas eats with a fork, but hasn’t figured out the spoon without dropping his food. He’s officially fully transitioned to cow’s milk, and we’re working on the ole sippy cup. Drinking from straws has been mastered.


Silas sleeps 11-12 hours at night, and typically takes 2 naps, anywhere from 1-2 hours each. He has finally started to enjoy being rocked, and I cherish our bedtime routine-rocking, singing, and praying with him each night. 

Favorite things: 

Anything outside still trumps everything! He hears the word “outside” and immediately gets SO excited! When he’s inside, he crawls to the door, pushes the curtain back, and just stares outside.  

He loves swinging, digging in dirt and leaves, “playing” soccer with Dada, and tormenting June. His blankie and paci are definitely soothers, though we’re trying to cut back to mostly nap time/bedtime. Splashing in the bathtub is also high on the list of favorites, and he loves brushing his teeth and dancing. (Though we really need to work on his moves!)

His attention span while reading continues to lengthen, and he delights in getting to turn the pages. His favorite books are the ones where he can feel textures or hear sounds. 


Soccer ball, wooden blocks, cows, tractor, June’s frisbee, Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Puppy


Being deprived of food, having nose wiped, eggs, not getting to go outside, being dropped off at the nursery. 

Fun things we did: 
Celebrated birthday number one! Fun with cousins. 

This month in pictures:

Longing to go outside. Eating like a big boy. Always into everything, but playing it cool. Birthday snow! Smash cake. Family time in El DoradoDogpile on Aunt Katie. Dada’s mini-me. Saturday morning hangs: watching soccer recaps. Park time. High-centered.