Baby D #2

Exciting times around here lately. Of course there’s the excitement of holidays and getting to spend time with family. But beyond that, we’re taking steps to expand and grow our business… and family!!A few weeks ago we made the big announcement that Silas will be a big brother in May. So here I️ am, giving my best attempt to not completely miss out on journaling through this pregnancy. I️’m sure I️ won’t be near as frequent, or as on top of things this time around, because life! And second baby! But I️’m going to do my best. I️ love having this space to look back at memories during Silas’s pregnancy and his first year milestones. I️ don’t want to miss out this go around either.As I️ type, I️’m 15 weeks and 4 days. Overall, I️’m feeling pretty well-energized, no more nausea, normal appetite, etc. This pregnancy has definitely been different than last, but I️ wouldn’t say drastically.


▪️nausea: 1st trimester was rough. I️ had way more nausea. Thankfully, I️ never threw up, but goodness were the days rough. All. Day. Long. I️ had a couple weeks where even the thought of drinking water/the taste of water was extremely unappealing.

▪️cravings/aversions in 1st trimester: due to my nausea, very little sounded appetizing. Very little that is, except the worst things possible health-wise. Think chicken strips and french fries! Also when I️ looked up foods to help with nausea, “fried and fatty food” was on the top of the AVOID list. Oops! Needless to say, I️’m now burnt out on most fast food (even Chick-fil-a, unfortunately), and felt like I️ needed a full on detox!

▪️exhaustion: so much more tired this time! This one makes sense for a couple reasons. My first trimester with Silas was in the summer, so I️ literally napped every. single. day. Sometimes twice a day. This time, however, not only was I️ starting up a new school year, but then I️ got to come home to my sweet, ornery, energized toddler. I️ definitely still took advantage of napping opportunities on the weekends, but otherwise, 8:00 was my bedtime for the past few months.

▪️body temperature: I️ remember last pregnancy, in the dead of winter, always being soooo hot! I️ couldn’t enjoy my big, cozy sweaters and scarves. My coworkers and students were always freezing in my classroom. This time, I️ am so cold! All the time! Maybe the heat will come once I️’m further along and bigger, but right now, I️’m enjoying getting to cozy up in sweaters and blankets.

▪️baby bump: my belly definitely “popped” quicker this time, which I️ hear is typical. In addition, I’ve gained weight quicker this pregnancy. (I️’m sure it had nothing to do with the chicken strips and fries, ha!) This has made for a tricky wardrobe situation though, as I️ was outgrowing my normal pants, but not big enough for maternity pants. Unfortunately, this left me feeling stuck in the frumpy stage for way longer than I’d have liked. I️’m finally starting to feel like I️’m entering the “baby bump” stage, and not just the “I️ ate too much pizza” stage.


▪️cravings/aversion: now that I️’m out of my first trimester, my nausea has dissipated, and my appetite has balanced back out, I️’m noticing some similarities in my food choices. I️ don’t have any major aversions this time, but once again my sweet tooth has magically disappeared. I’ll eat something sweet every now and then, but never crave it. I️’m always up for a good salad, fresh fruit, and steak. I️ can’t remember if I️ ate a lot of steak last pregnancy, but salads and fruit are definitely a repeat. The biggest similarity by far is my love for grapefruit and grapefruit juice.

▪️exercise: now that I️’m feeling better and my energy is returning, I️’ve been trying to walk/run a few times a week. I’m hoping to continue running as long as it’s comfortable, as well as mix in some stretching and light weight workouts. I️ definitely feel better all around on the days that I️ do some sort of physical activity and get fresh air.

I️ loved getting to share the news with my students and see their excited reactions. Their enthusiasm has not faded, and they’ve since been asking questions, giving name suggestions, and requesting updates. I decided to use my chalkboard desk to keep them updated, based on my pregnancy tracker app on my phone. They’re absolutely loving it, and it’s becoming a highlight of each Friday.

Needless to say, I️’m thankful to be in my second trimester and feeling “normal” again. I️’m looking forward to finding out gender in just a few weeks, and hopefully feeling this sweet babe kick and move around soon (more than just a few little “flutters” here and there)!